Friday, 3 May 2013

Features of REVOZA

  •         A decent rate of return every month, with virtually Zero Risk.

               1 TO 100 units       8 To 12 %    per month
               101...500 units       9 To 13 %    per month
               more than 500       10 To 14 %  per month
               Where Each unit worth is 20$ each.

  • Opportunity  to trade Forex and other capital markets against your E cash or your investment units (coming soon) .
  • Idle funds from trading activities can still earn a good and safe return by converting funds into Units.
  • Compounding allowed on all matured profit, if not withdrawn. Live (Real time) progress of your investment units in each individual account.
  • Any time, Unit refund policy up 10 month.
  • Flexible payment/withdrawal options (L.R, Bank wire).
  • 5% introductory commission to introduce new clients with Revoza.
  • 10 % of referral`s profit as commission for sponsor on monthly basis.
  • Clients are allowed to transfer their part of capital or whole amount, freely to other clients with Revoza.

So make just one wise decision and rest of all the complex number crunching and investment decisions without element of fear and emotion will be done by our highly professional and trained staff.

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